Over worked?


How would it feel if you knew exactly what to do in your classroom that gave you the biggest impact?

My name is Gail Fazio & I’m so happy you found me & Dog With A Bone Educational Consulting because I know how to make teaching easier!

Only a Teacher Knows Teachers!

I know teachers & what they worry about! I’ve been at it for over 35 years!
I’ve spent my life in schools and I’ve figured out how to teach without losing my mind!


Raise your hand if you need an easier way to implement guided reading?
Work stations?
Writer’s Workshop?
Routines & procedures?
How about dealing with difficult students (and their parents)?


Well, I have solutions for you!


I’ve done the work for you so you can have a life outside of school!


Over the years, I’ve learned easy & quick solutions for the things teachers struggle with the most & I want to share them with you!

Teachers Need a Break

We take things home.
We work in the evenings.
We work during the weekends.


… We’re always working!


No matter how much we love teaching and our students, it makes ‘going back’ on Monday morning exhausting because it feels like we…. never…. left.


There were many times when I considered putting a cot in my classroom! Once I took a nap in a bean bag chairs, but that’s a story for another time.


Dog With A Bone has been where you are, but has simple solutions so you can have a life.


I bet you wish you had access to a personal coach so you’re not constantly reinventing the wheel or feeling alone.


Well, now you do!

Teacher One-to-One Support

Would you feel to not lose one minute of sleep worrying?


How about waking up every morning knowing how to reach every student?


Would you like to be organized and confident every time you walk into your classroom?


What magic would allow this to happen?


You’re working with me at Dog With A Bone!
I provide in-person & online coaching designed just for teachers.



When I was new to teaching (or moved to a new grade level or content area) I constantly had questions.
From how I should set-up my grade book to what’s the best way to find great teaching resources.


I had so many questions, I wished I had a secret button I could push at any time to get all of my questions answered.


You know, those questions you don’t want to ask your grade level partner, principal, or instructional coach?


Those questions you have regarding:

  • Time- Just how do you get it all done?
  • Grading- How often should you grade work because you can’t get to all of it?
  • Reading- How do you create groups, find materials, assess, reach struggling learners, & run centers?
  • Parents- How do you create collaborative relationships when the discussion is a difficult one?
  • Lesson plans- How you create plans that don’t take an entire weekend to create?
  • Difficult behaviors- How do you handle disruptive students with no support outside the classroom?


Working with me will be the best decision you’ve ever made because I can be your person & provide you with time-proven answers that yield great results.


Do you remember Gray’s Anatomy? Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) and Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) kinda coined the term to describe a bond of friendship that cannot be broken. Cristina asked Meredith to be her person for an upcoming medical procedure and their friendship flourished.


Everyone needs a person, especially new teachers or teachers changing subject areas or grade levels.


l can be your person!


This is one of my favorite quotes (you’ll see it in multiple areas of my website):


“No one is born knowing how to teach. Classroom instruction is one of the most complex intellectual & emotional tasks that any professional undertakes in our society; the journey towards expertise is a lifetime’s work.”

Lipton & B. Wellman


Every teacher needs help, but there is often no one to provide it.

My Story

I was so excited when I applied to become an instructional coach for the Governor of New Jersey’s new Office of Early Literacy. Out of more than 500 applicants I was offered one of 24 positions.


I was over-the-moon excited! But when I got to the 1st assignment, I wasn’t sure how to begin!


I felt as though I needed help with everything!


Not only did I need help, but I needed it before anyone figured out that I was more than a little lost!


Sure, there were colleagues I could ask a few questions of, but they were busy too.


I bet you’ve had days (years) like this too.


Days where nothing goes right and you…are…overwhelmed!


Well, you are in the right place, because this is why I started Dog With A Bone Educational Consulting!


I offer one-to-one coaching & support!

Take 30 Seconds to Get the Help You Need

After filling out a questionnaire, you and I will work together to ensure you have the answers you need to be an effective teacher.


No more sleepless nights wondering when your principal will discover you’re unsure of yourself.


You know more than you think you do & I’ll be there to make sure you not only know it, but know how to make it work with your students!


Contact me today & let’s do this…together!



I love working with teachers! They are my favorite people so I’ve created packages to meet their specific needs.

All Packages Include:

1. Reflective conversations


2. Goal setting based on your situation


3. Honest feedback, support, & resources


4. Co-planning based on your needs! This could consist of how to

Read More

– design highly effective lesson plans

-brainstorming classroom challenges such as behavioral issues

-problems with colleagues

– negative feedback from observations

– ideas to reach struggling learners

– successfully implementing district mandates

– meeting the needs of all learners

– and pretty much anything else that has to do with teaching.

Are you ready to begin teaching in ways that will make a difference in your classroom?


Dog With A Bone offers 3 Coaching Packages.


Bump up to Leader of the Pack package & receive extra premium resources!


Puppy Package #1

One 60-minute coaching call

Emails for a 1-week period following our chat

One package of electronic personalized resources such as: book suggestions, advice, ideas & more are gathered just for you based on our chats & your needs/questions

$150 / session


Top Dog Package #2

Two 1-hour coaching calls scheduled over 2 weeks or more

Email access for a 1-week period following each chat with priority response time

One package of electronic personalized resources such as: book suggestions, advice, ideas & more based on need, are gathered just for you as a follow-up to our chats. Plus a few additional surprises you’ll love that will make any teacher happy!



Leader of the Pack Package #3

Five 1-hour coaching calls scheduled over 5 weeks or more

Email access during the week following each call with priority response time

One package of electronic personalized resources such as: book suggestions, advice, ideas & more based on need, are gathered just for you as a follow-up to our chats.   Plus a few additional surprises you’ll love that will make any teacher happy!



Coaching 1 Bite at a Time

These Coaching Calls can be purchased and used one at a time as you need them.

They do not include follow-up emails or packages of personalized content.


1 60-minute Coaching Call $150 each


1 30-minute Coaching Call $75 each


Coaching 1 Bite at a Time with Extras

Purchase a series of Coaching Calls that can be used at your discretion over 12 months:


3 60-minute coaching calls at $450

Includes a total of 3-5 follow-up emails for a 1-week period following each chat


5 60-minute coaching call $635

Includes a total of 5-7 follow-up emails for a 1-week period following each chat


Group Coaching

Are you part of a grade level or team of teachers who work closely together? Do you all want to implement the same curriculum, materials, or strategies together?


Have you been handed a new assessment or directive (such as guided reading)? This, or other school-wide initiatives, can be daunting!


Even after the training your school provided, you still have questions.


Gail is now offering Group Coaching calls!


Just gather 3-5 participants (minimum of 3 teachers) and we can work together to achieve almost anything you as a group decided you need help with.


There is a 4-week minimum buy-in to ensure we have enough time to make meaningful changes. Sessions run from 60-90 minutes based on the number of attendees.

$55-65 per attendee per call.



Additional packages can be created based on your individual needs. Contact me so, together, we can create something just for you!


The time you’ll save and the stress you’ll avoid will allow you to feel like the competent & successful teacher you are!

Take 30 seconds to take the 1 st step towards thriving in the classroom!