School Wide Consultations

School-wide Consultations


Does your school really do balanced literacy?


I’ve been around long enough to know (first-hand) that too many schools call their reading programs balanced literacy, but it’s anything but a balance of what their students need. Sometimes it’s what the Blue-Ribbon school down the road does well, but your school’s reading block is far from what the students sitting in your classrooms need.


This translates to low reading scores, frustrated students & parents, & unhappy board members & teachers. And if you’re a school where challenges already exist, now you’re really struggling.

Why Does This Happen?


Here are just a few reasons:


  1. The principal was given a set of directives from downtown that wasn’t differentiated for their particular school.
  2. An administrator Googles balanced literacy and created a list of practices (again- not differentiated for each school).
  3. The Reading Supervisor has vast experience with literacy, but the principals implement only the pieces they like or understand.
  4. The instructional coach functions as an assistant to administration instead of supporting teachers in classrooms.
  5. The school has a solid idea and plan for true balanced literacy that fits with multiple points of data, but the funding is missing.
  6. The school district purchased a balanced literacy program made up of workbooks and computer programs, but lacks authentic reading materials and a daily structure to ensure best practices are implemented.
  7. No one in the district possess a true understanding of the necessary components of good reading and writing instruction so everyone does their own thing.
  8. The district has done their research and designed a true balanced literacy program, hired staff to oversee and support teachers and students, purchased quality materials, but implementation is uneven.
  9. The personnel hired to implement your school’s literacy program has been given too many other responsibilities so teachers & principals are left to fend for themselves.



Sometimes the only solution is to hire someone from outside the school to focus solely on your needs.


Dog With A Bone can be your person.


With more than 30 years’ experience at all grade levels, Gail can transform your reading program into one that meets the needs of all learners and increases achievement. Her multi-faceted approach addresses the common roadblocks preventing you and your teachers’ ability to go deeper & really teach literacy.


Together we’ll get 1st identify the strengths your students and staff possess and then find out what is preventing quality instruction and learning from occurring. Solutions will be designed at all levels of implementation: district-wide, school-wide, grade level, and by individual classrooms.

Work With Me


Gail only takes on a limited number of projects per year. This ensures real change will occur for her clients. See if there is room on the schedule for her to work with you and your school this year.

Let’s Do This…Together!