Putting the Joy Back Into Your Life & Work

Putting the Joy Back Into Your Life & Work

Only from the heart can you reach the sky– Rumi


I had so much fun presenting to the New Jersey Association of School Librarians today! This group of teachers was so open to laughing, sharing, & growing that I didn’t want it to end.


Below are just a few highlights, but I have to say that these teachers inspired me to turn this workshop into an online workshop! Sign-up on my home page so you’re notified when it launches. In the meantime, you get a freebie for signing up!


  • We can’t always change our situation, job, or boss, but we can change how we feel about it.
  • YOU are worth the effort and investment into lowering your stress level.
  • Think about one thing that you know would be good for you and do that!
  • Write down a start date for your one new thing.
  • Be aware of the grapevine (gossip) at work, but don’t be a part of it (emotions have power).
  • Gratitude is proven to make you happier:  gratitude journal, worry box, create a breathing space at work and home, schedule your worries and then drop them, 10 finger gratitude exercise, or journal about the things you’re grateful for.
  • Make gratitude a family practice each night.
  • Start a smile file.
  • Cultivate wonder.

Instead of talking about colleagues, talk with them.

Go to https://www.zen-happens.org/  for a free meditation download!

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