Finding Calm…

Mindfulness & Movement for Schools / Yoga for You!

“When nothing is certain, everything is possible.”  Deepak Chopra



Hi! I’m Gail! 


I’m a teacher (yoga, Special Education, Reading Specialist/Coach), and mom.


My passion is helping others whether its Yoga For Athletes, Mindfulness For Special Kids, Vinyasa Yoga, or coaching teachers on how to bring calm into the classroom. { Creating Calm Corners is my favorite! }


Literacy is my other love. 💕  And when I get to mix the 2, it makes me really happy!


I’ve taught every grade level, but elementary & preschool-age kids are my favorite because they see every day as a new beginning & they forgive easily.

Middle school age is my favorite because they are like little hormones on feet & think everything is important.

High school age is my favorite because they are always in love with something (or someone).

Teachers & parents are my favorite because I’m one of them.


So I guess everyone is my favorite because I love people!


… and dogs!



Yoga is for everyone.

Everyone is welcome.

All ages, races, ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, experience, & all ability levels.


Through the breath, we arrive on our mat.

We leave worries behind as we calm the mind.


Through movement, we exercise every part of the body by stretching & toning our muscles & joints.


Through mindfulness & meditation, we increase concentration & lessen worry.


Through yoga, we become more peaceful, happy, & healthy.


Yoga can be what you want it to be.


The Dog With a Bone Promise is simple:

  • You’ll feel better after class than before class.
  • You’ll feel better physically & mentally


Yoga Stories for little ones is the most fun I’ve ever had. Through yoga poses, I tell a story to the children. Seeing little ones find calm they can take through their day is a joy. ❤️

Hatha Yoga – a simple yoga practice everyone can do.



Gail is a true teacher in all forms!


Gail is an amazing teacher and very knowledgeable !!!


I am so grateful to have worked with her.


Thank you so much for challenging me. I had to really push myself, but I think that I learned a lot about myself and the types of things I love about teaching through the process.

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