Coaching Administrators

Where can you learn to lead effectively?

Keeping up in the field of education is challenging.


You set your goals for yourself, your school or department, or your district, but the needs of students, parents, staff, the PTA, the community and board members can be overwhelming. You realize quickly that getting focused is critical for your success.


New initiatives and directives are constantly coming down from your superintendent & the state department of education.


Board members are stopping by to check-in with you & your staff.


Emails, phone calls, & meetings are overwhelming.


Observations, reports, & assessments take up tons of your time.





Successful Leadership


How do you juggle all of this & still function an instructional leader?


How do you implement all the educational initiatives while handling the day-to-day responsibilities?


How do you support your teachers, while keeping an eye on district, school, & department goals?


How do you make time to get into classrooms in order to ensure quality instruction is a priority?


So really, how can you & your teachers do it all alone?


The truth is, they can’t and you can’t.



You need someone outside the school district to help. Someone with no skin in the game other than helping you meet your professional goals.


Dog With A Bone can be your someone.


Gail has the background, experience and know-how to make the changes or provide the support you and your teachers need.


Her experience in the field of education is immense. It covers every grade level & many subject areas. It includes the honor of being chosen for the first cohort of Governor’s Coaches. Out of over 500 applicants, Gail was one of 23 teachers picked for the honor. The four-year, 40-million-dollar initiative was ground breaking.


Gail has been a classroom teacher, administrator, special education teacher, reading specialist, literacy coach, curriculum designer, graduate school professor, and international workshop presenter.


She’s consulted extensively with Rutgers University, wrote resources for an innovative educational publisher, trained reading coaches for the NJ DOE, created a coaching model that was implemented in 8 elementary schools, designed an effective tiered reading intervention model & then trained cohorts in its implementation & trained administrators in a multitude of strategies for success.


Gail took an entire urban school district from reading instruction consisting of workbooks & totally whole group instruction to a differentiated balanced literacy model. The same district then asked her to take 9 half-day preschool classrooms to 22 full-day programs. Gail obtained multi-million-dollar grants year after year while training teachers, classroom assistants, and administrators.


Gail enjoys keeping up with the latest research-based trends such as brain research & the impact of executive functioning skills on learning & behavior & then sharing it with districts.


Her family outreach is the most successful the schools she’s worked with have ever seen. Standing room only is the norm with families showing up for events throughout the school year.



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