Charity Work

DOG WITH A BONE donates part of its profits to Bree’s Book Bus, a 501(c)(3) charity. Their mission is to ensure every child owns at least one new book. It’s a shocking reality that way too many kids do not own even one book! Living in what Gail calls ‘book deserts’, too many kids have no access to books because public libraries have closed & book-stores have never opened in many neighborhoods. Everyone should have the world of books open to them. In low-income neighborhoods there is only 1 age-appropriate book for every 300 children! As an educator who has devoted her life to kids, Gail began Bree’s Book Bus by bringing new books to schools & other places kids hang out. Using just her car, Gail has been gathering book donations & schlepping them all over NJ. Now Bree’s Book Bus needs a bus (or a converted food truck)! This way Gail, and her golden retriever, Bree the Book Bus Dog, can get more books into the hands of kids who have none.

Help Gail and Bree bring more books to children right in their neighborhood so they can experience the pleasure of finding that ‘just right’ book to take home & love it & read it over and over again. A percentage of sales from DOG WITH A BONE courses, membership, & TPT products, will go toward Bree’s Book Bus! Bree’s Book Bus wants to “Deliver the Love of Reading One Tail at a Time”. You can hop on the bus right now by donating.

Bree promises to give you her paw & a big kiss (lick) too!