What if instructional coaching was easy?


Hi! I’m Gail Fazio -teacher, reading specialist & instructional coach who is passionate about helping parents, teachers and instructional coaches provide the best literacy & school experiences for their students. Whether you’re a parent worried about your child, a teacher struggling to meet the needs of every reader or a coach struggling to meet the needs of every teacher, I can help you with the tips & tricks I’ve discovered over my 35 years in education.


I was where you are now- confused about the 1st steps to begin teaching or coaching successfully.

But I had no one to turn to for answers.

That’s why I created DOG WITH A BONE!


My passion is helping parents & teachers! I know how important your job is and how challenging it can be. Even if you’re an experienced coach or teacher, I have super helpful resources and content to save you time & tears (and to stop you from binging on chocolate!). Perhaps you’re new to teaching and don’t know where to start? I have ideas to help you jump in and begin building the classroom of your dreams.

I can help you achieve all of that! ‘Cause I’m like a DOG WITH A BONE when it comes to working with teachers! Once you become part of my pack, you’ll receive tons of support and treats you don’t know how you did without! (See what I did there? Woof!)


Becoming a highly successful instructional coach or teacher is possible!


If you’re an instructional coach, keep on reading here.


If you’re a teacher, keep on reading here.



You want to feel successful (meaning- You want to know what you’re doing!)

I’ve been a coach, I’ve coached coaches & I’ve taught every grade level. I understand your struggles!

I Can Help You

  • Implement coaching cycles
  • Approach staff who don’t want to work with you
  • Create powerful professional learning sessions
  • Communicate with your administrators & parents
  • Work as a team with your teachers
  • Learn how to do student-centered coaching

…& just about anything you need help with!


I’ll show you the exact steps to take to be a successful instructional coach & still have time to do the things you need & want to do outside of school!


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Do you feel prepared to:


  • teach guided reading groups?
  • administer & code running records & DRAs?
  • find instructional materials for every reader?
  • create fluid & flexible reading groups?
  • address the unique needs of every below-level reader?
  • create & run learning centers that are differentiated & include an accountability piece?
  • handle behavior problems so they don’t stop you from teaching & your class from learning?
  • track every students’ progress?
  • create intervention lessons for every struggling reader?
  • understand how to run a classroom where time is not wasted & children are on-task?

I can help you with all of these things & more!


Let Dog With A Bone give you the support you need!

Let’s Do This…Together!

Your life will change when we work together because you will now sleep through the night knowing you have a mentor- someone who has been there & is now there for you.


5 Reasons to Work with Me

  • You will have someone to bounce ideas off of and get the answers you need!
  • Together we can set goals and achieve them because you’ll get the best, most effective advice & materials available.


Take 3 seconds right now & get the support you need!


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